How Soctify Works


What subscription plans do you offer?

We offer these subscription plans:


  • Starter (1 – 10 contests) for $4.99.
  • Professional (1 – 50 contests) $14.99.
  • Enterprise (1 – 100 contests) $24.99.
  • Custom (Custom number of contests). If you are interested in a custom subscription plan, do not hesitate and Contact Us.


All of the plans have unlimited pages, multiple qualification conditions, automated posts and messages, and contest insights. The main difference between the plans is the number of monthly unique active contests.

Do you offer trial period?

We offer a 30 day trial period for the Starter subscription plan. This plan and free trial are enabled by default for all new users and does not require a credit card or any additional actions.

After the trial ends – you will be able to select any of the available subscription plans and subscribe via Stripe. The selected subscription plan will remain active and you will be billed monthly as long as you do not cancel it or change the plan.

How monthly contest usage is calculated?

The numbers of contests that are specified on each subscription plan stands for a monthly active unique contest count. It means that two types of contests count towards the total number. The first type is straightforward – contests that were started during the current billing cycle. Second one – contests that are started during the previous billing cycles and are still running, for example, a contest that has been started two months ago and is still running.

Where to select a subscription plan?

You can select a subscription plan at Subscription page.

How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by signing in and going to the Subscription page.  Your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle but will not be resumed after.

How to change my subscription plan?

If you need to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, you can do it by signing in and going to the Subscription page. If you downgrade your plan – the change will be applied starting from the next billing cycle. In the case when you upgrade your current plan – the change will be applied immediately and you will be charged the difference between the price of the current plan and the one you are upgrading to.

Facebook Pages

How to add Facebook pages?

You can grant permission to multiple pages from different Facebook accounts and later select them during the contest creation.

Where to manage my pages?

You can manage your pages at Pages page.


Where to manage my contests?

You can manage your contests at Contests page.

How to specify contest start and end conditions?

Contests can be started and ended manually or automatically. If you decide to start or/and end contest manually – you will have to perform this action in the Contests page. If you decide to go with an automated approach – you will be able to specify the date, time, and timezone when the action should be performed. These conditions can be specified during the second step of the contest creation.

What reaction qualification options are available?

If you enable reaction qualification – you can specify that potential participant’s react must be one or more of the available reactions: Like, Love, Care, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry.

Can I use Post sharing, Page sharing, and Page liking qualification conditions?

No, because it is not possible to check if a specific user has performed any of these actions.

What comment qualification options are available?

If you enable comment qualification condition – you will be able to select from the exact comment match, comment substring match, and option for any comment. Also, you can specify that the winner should be decided by the number of reactions on the comment.

How to specify an automated start post?

You can specify an automated start post during the fourth step of the contest creation. Post step is required.

How to specify an automated end post?

You can specify an automated end post during the fifth step of the contest creation. Post step is not required.

How to specify an automated message to the winner?

You can specify an automated message to the winner during the sixth step of the contest creation. This option is only available if you have previously enabled comment qualification condition.

Where to view contest statistics?

You can view your contest statistics on Contests page.

How often are contest statistics updated?

Contest statistics are updated daily.

Where to view contest winners?

Contest winners are selected automatically and can be viewed on the Contests page after the contest is finished.